The scent of sizzling bacon wafting through the air is motivation enough to get anyone–even the most hungover of us–out of bed. It brings back childhood memories of lazy weekend mornings with loved ones. It makes us feel nostalgic for the simpler times and the carefree life.

To be American is to love bacon, and in every American kitchen sits the token jar of bacon grease. We love the bacon, we eat the bacon. But then we cast aside its prized artery-clogging lifeblood in an old coffee can to be disposed of on trash day. Despite its availability and its unsightly appearance, the fat rendered from bacon is quite a precious commodity that can enhance the flavor of just about everything you cook in it. Bacon grease can make every item on your brunch menu sensational, it can transform vegetables into something akin to crack, and it can turn your boring pasta dinner into an extraordinary feast. There is so much you can do with bacon fat, so think twice about tossing it on trash day. Instead, stash it in the fridge and put it to good use next time you cook…well, anything.

You can cook just about anything you please in bacon fat. Just replace whatever oil or butter a recipe calls for with bacon grease, and you’ll have yourself a mighty fine meal. Here are a bunch of next-level recipes that turn up the flavor with the treasured fat.

Caramel Banana Bacon Grease French Toast

Bacon Grease Fried Eggs

Whole Grain Bacon Grease Pancakes

Bacon Deviled Eggs

Bacon Grease Cheese Biscuits

Bacon Grease Cornbread

Bacon Fat Chicken Alfredo

Spicy Brussels Sprouts

Late Summer Succotash

Salad with Hot Bacon Grease Dressing

Bacon Fat Ginger Snap Cookies

Bacon Fat Popcorn

Fancy Bacon Grease, Bacon, & Maple Popcorn

Maple Bacon Cupcake

Bacon Infused Bourbon

Originally published at on April 2, 2015.


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